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Afia the pure friut juice.

Review by: Mwalenga Paul
Rating: 4 out of 5

Member's Recommendation: Yes
Good: its purely fruit.
Bad: The price is high.
The Afia is the top leading pure fruit juice we have on our shelves these days. Ranging from apple, mango, pineapple among others with the exact taste of the fruits I can actually relate them to their specific fruits without any taste of flavors. Its contains minerals and vitamins and I personally would recommend it to persons who would rather drink juice than eat fruits themselves as it compiles all that the fruit contains. I recommend it when cold as it quench thirst immediately compared to other fruit flavored drinks. Though the price may hit hard on the pockets of customers I think its worth it to spend on it.

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Mwalenga Paul

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Afia juice is the only soft drink that has ability to quench our thirst. It is sweet to taste and it is second to none.It gives customers what they want. It is best drunk during hot sunny day.The cold ice is the most preferable during this time of the day.Enjoy Afia juice, enjoy life.
22 Apr 2013 @ 07:36

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